Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am both.

I can celebrate life and still be grieving.
I can smile and still be sad.
I can have a heavy heart and still shine.
I can mourn and still be dancing.

I am still me.

I can weep and still give a warm hug.
I can set boundaries and still receive gifts.
I can work and still feel like I'm playing.
I can be sick and still know that I'm well.

I am still me.

I can be angry and still seek peace.
I can close one door and still open another.
I can scream out in pain and still whisper, "I love you."
I can stride with confidence and still curl-up with insecurity.

I am still me.

I can ignore what I refuse to hear and still listen listen with wisdom.
I can fall down in shame and still rise-up with dignity.
I can pray for a miracle while still having doubt in my heart.
I can live life to the fullest and still embrace death.

I am still me.

I can have a child like faith and still feel my age.
I can look at a storm cloud and still look for the rainbow.
I can feel the coolness of the rain and still feel the warmth of the sun.
I can know faith with no limits and still see the end of the run.

I am still me.

I can teach my children ti be independent and still hold them close.
I can see the positive in all things and not be blind to the negative.
I can stand corrected and still give advice.
I can receive a helping hand and still extend my hand.

I am still me.

I can still know that I'm rich with an empty bank account.
I can still have compassion for the addict and hate the addiction.
I can still have a highlight on the lowest of days.
I can feel like I've still gained "the world" when I've lost so much.

I am still me.

- Feather

I can be both. I am both.Both can co-exist without one being right and one being wrong. Without on being true and one being fake. They can come to together and both be me. I am not at battle within myself, there aren't two different side, they are what makes me, me. They form a balance together, which forms who I am and who I am to be.

"In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was an vincible summer."
-Albert Camus

I can experience both in the same season.

"Some people grin and bear it while others smile and do it."
- Unknown

I think I am like most when I write that I'm not necessarily one or the other.
I have some areas of my life that cause me to grin and bear it" and other parts of me that "smile and do it." I'm certainly happier with some areas of my life than I am with others.
Much like my body:) I'm much happier with some parts than I am with others.
So I either accept them, work on them, change them (but this usually requires painful surgery) or ignore them.
Accepting them and working on them are probably the most effective in the long run, cheaper and healthier:)
So as I acknowledge what areas of my life need the work, accept the areas that I cannot change and pray to God that I'm not ignoring anything important and if I am,I pray for the wisdom to see.

Thankful that I am still me,



Karen said...

In amongst the chaos that has become my family life I'd like to thankyou for putting words to my world. If no one has told you lately, you really are inspiring. With the youth who is getting out of jail for Christmas and the aging father who is forgetting more and more I feel like exploding. I like to be strong so I smile it away. Thanks for telling me that it's OK.

Flo said...

Thanks Feather. Very inspring and encouraging. Thanks for justing be YOU - you're the best! So thankful for you and your family that you are truly celebrating many things this Christmas - enjoy! God sure is a miracle-worker, isn't he?