Monday, March 1, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

The golden winter Olympics have certainly been the highlight of our home over the last 16 days. We will miss all the excitement,patriotic pride, outings to the events, maple leaf 'tattoos", and watching our athletes bring home the most gold in history! We are sad to see the 'world' go home:( This has been a party of a life time that will forever be celebrated!
We are looking forward to taking in as much of the para-olympic games in two weeks.

We certainly finished on a high note:) the following poem, written by my "unreal" Dad, Gary wagner, states it well:)

olympic sonnet

canada beats the usa
with sid the kid in overtime:

hockey remains our game today.

the losers pout and whine while i’m

properly proudly patriotic.

on robson street the church bells chime,

and fans gaily idiotic

high-five others to them unknown.

the anthem sounded so melodic
as above the rink our flag was flown.

jerome assisted on the play

that made the game again our own.

with lou in goal what’s else to say?

canada beat the usa!

february two eight twenty ten

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