Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random things about me; just for fun!

A friend sent me a list of 25 random things about herself, so that I could get to know her better, she encouraged me to do the same. I thought it was a neat idea. So here goes 25 random things about me that most people probably don’t know.

1. My middle name is Lee, so my name said together is “Feather-ly”.
2. I am my father’s only child.
3. I was the second smallest student in my Grade 5 class.
4. I have a deviated septum.
5. I have size 6 and half feet; my right is a bit bigger than my left.
6. My mom almost named me Karma; thank goodness for “Feather”( though I do love the “Carm” part)
7. I was born in the same Hospital room that my mom was born in, in Chilliwack BC.
8. The first contest I ever won was “What the Bible means to me.”essay writing contest.
9. I had three different horses growing up from ages 4-14.
10. Figure skating is my favourite sport to watch; Soccer is my favourite to play.
11. I Swam with dolphins, manates, a sting ray and coral reef creatures in the wild in Belize.
12. I won second for swimsuit in the Miss Chilliwack Beauty Pagent when I was 18.
13. I took piano lessons for 4 years, when I was a kid, and I never play anymore.
14. Chicken is my favourite food, and it has nothing to do with my name or being called “chicken-feather” growing up!
15. I always thought thought that I’d be a mother to sons?!?! Perhaps I’ll have a few Grandsons one day
16. In my dreams I still have my long hair; though I’m enjoying my shorter do.
17. I still bite my fingers nails; since I was 3.
18. My body looks the same to me whether I’m a size 8 or 18. (I’m embracing my plus size figure, and that I can still call myself "feather" at this weight!!)The "light-as-a-feather" jokes stopped years ago:)
19. I still have my belly button pierced; wore it through both pregnancies.
20. I have 10 tattoos and I want more.(they are addictive)
21. I’m pigeon-toed; I learnt how to walk properly with teen modelling training (when I’m tired I slip back into old habits
22. I have a pink birth mark on the back of my head; which everyone got to see when I was bald.
23. I believe that I’m really healthy; I just happen to get cancer.
24. One place I want to bring my girls, that I’ve already been, is to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
25. My husband’s music is definately my favourite music!!

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