Monday, November 3, 2008

Back in the "game"...

So this is it, the single biggest step back into "normal" life... I have my first shift back at work tonight. I will be hostessing at abc restaurant starting tonight!

This will be a fairly big physical test for me, even though the shifts are just 4 hours, 4-8 over dinner time, 2 times a week. Once I do this for a couple of weeks then I'll try 3 shifts like this a week, then back to two shifts but longer shifts. I hope to be back waitressing 4 times a week, by spring 2009.

This restaurant is a very busy one and the job is very physical, especially waitressing. Wish me well, as I re-enter the work force, though very part-time, it feels like a huge step. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time:)

I'm excited to do out doing something that is social and brings in a little income. I miss the ladies at work, it's a great work environment and our boss is wonderful.
They've changed a lot of things since I worked there last, so there will be a learning curve at first, but I'm excited for this new challenge. I haven't done a hostess shift in 2 years and haven't waitressing in 19 months.

Off I go...

( I wonder if I'll fit into my uniform?!?!)

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