Friday, January 2, 2009

Grieving the passing of Carin Warkentin-Murray

I was deeply saddened by the news of Carin's passing. She was a fellow cancer fighter,who I had the honour of meeting even before my first diagnosis, about 16 years ago. She lost her leg to cancer in her teens and graciously walked her way through her young life, inspiring those around her with her courage, beauty and lovely presence. We came in contact more consistantly after my more recent journey through cancer, as she too had been diagnosed with another form of cancer. She encouraged me as recently as a few weeks ago. I'm so gratful for all the blessings I received in knowing her. I'm gratful that her passing did not drag out long suffering for her, God knows she'd had more than her share.

Her passing has caused me to reflect deeply on the past year of my life, how closely I almost sucumbed to severe side effects of cancer treatment. Life and the human body are so fragile in yet so remarkable. A blood clot from Carin's lungs travelled to her heart and in an instant ended her time here. I now celebrate turning 37 tomorrow and reconginze that I haven't felt this good physically since my 20's; in yet my life hung in the balance on July 1st,only half a year ago.

I sit here writing and expressing myself at the computer, as my beautiful little girls play at my feet a new game their daddy got them for Christmas; this is the essence of life. Though living this life can be so difficult at times, I thank God that I'm here to continue living and experiencing all of life's lessons. Some lessons are easier than others, some I may fail but in the end I'm glad I learnt what life is really all about.

The living and the dying, I'm grateful to feel it all...feel it so deeply.

I was reminded today as I watched the movie, "Benjamin Button" an amazing movie, of a quote my Mom so carefully embroidered while experiencing a delicant pregnacy with my youngest brother Daniel. The letters she crafted spelt the words, "Life is fragile. Handle with Prayer."

This phrase will encompase my new year's resolutions, to handle all of life with prayer and to remember that all life is fragile.


pete's wife said...

I know that I will miss Carin so much as well. She was an angel here on earth, and now she's a angel in Heaven. I'm so looking forwardto her greeting me when I get to Heaven!

Grandmothergoose said...

Carin' Memorial Service was a true celebration of her life.
She was a very courageous and outgoing young woman.
I'm happy to have known her!
I'm also pleased to read that you are doing so well, once again!
God Bless!