Thursday, December 17, 2009

Help me decorate the ARH hospital Christmas tree:)

I have gotten permission to decorate the large Evergreen tree outside the Abbotsford Hospital main entrance! It has a few white lights and that's it:( I'm going to add some Christmas cheer to it Saturday Dec. 19th at 11am-Noon; if you'd like to join me. (I'm working on a red,white and gold theme, but any non-breakable decorations would be welcome)

I was thinking that if you'd like to add a candy cane or two at anytime between now and Christmas; that would be great! I figure the candy canes can be handed out to patients who are there over Christmas. I think it's a good lesson for my children to think outside their box over the holidays.

I was at the hospital today having blood work done for my appointment with my oncologist tomorrow; when I saw this beautiful big Evergreen sponsored by Pharmasave, but with no decorations, at the main entrance to ARH. I thought, "Why has someone not decorated that tree?" and then I remembered one of my life mottos:) "I am someone!!"

It took connecting with 3 people today, but I got permission:) "They" are not allowed to decorate the tree but if someone volunteers to do it on their own, they won't stop them:)SO if you'd like to help me make it happen, let me know, or just show up!

Remember those that are in the hospital over Christmas or that have a loved one there. I remember back two years ago when I had to go for Radiation treatment over the holiday and even on Christmas eve. Since there is a cancer agency there, there will be many patients going for Chemo and radiation over the holiday.

I know some people there will be celebrating as they welcome a new family member during this time; perhaps they could add a pink or blue decoration:) I think I'll be adding a few pink ribbons, for Breast cancer awareness.
Mostly I'll be adding red, white and gold, I figured with the olympics around the corner it would be fitting:)

Remember if you bring a decoration you won't get it back; it has to be unbreakable, able to be well fastened to the tree (to weather wind) and it could even be stolen:(

I spent time in the hospital this last spring which was only one of many hospital stays I have had over the last two and half years. I noticed today that there is a women still there from when I was there in spring. I think of her and others who will be in the hospital over Christmas, especially those who could be facing their last Christmas. I was in the hospital for Easter two years ago, and I can't imagine having to be there for Christmas:(

I figure a colorful tree will help to lift the spirits of those patients (many go out for fresh air when they can; or for a smoke), their loved ones who are coming and going and for the staff who work so hard over the holiday season.

We have already received so much this holiday season, this is something small we can do to share:)

What can you do this Christmas season to brighten the spirits of someone around you?!?

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