Saturday, December 26, 2009

I saw my oncologist on the 18th of Dec. Very quickly she has arranged at full body bone scan for me, to hopefully rule out any possibility of bones mets (the breast cancer spreading to my bones). I have been having a fair amount of discomfort in certain bones areas and she wants to be sure this is not a cancer problem, hopefully just at arthritic one:)

I should get the results just in time for my birthday,January 3rd. I've been considering going away for a few days for my birthday, I'll be 38 and I found a crazy cheap trip to Vegas leaving the night of my birthday:)Perhaps we'll see?!?! Since having cancer I have become much more spontaneous:)IT really can be so much fun!!

Hope you all have a wonderful recovery week after the crazy holiday schedule!! Just in time to go crazy for New year. Happy New Year 2010!!

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