Thursday, October 16, 2008

I think I forgot?!?!

Those close to me have realized that my memory isn't what it once was; in fact it has been so bad at times,it's been a bit of a mystery. I've had times when I don't remember seeing movies, hearing messages, buying things or even placing when in the last days, weeks or months certian events took place.

This is commonly called, "Chemo brain", but it doesn't seem common when you have it. Though I have adapted to informing people, in conversation, that they will have to remind me of what ever it is we are talking about. Apparently this can last for 2 years, and since I'm appraoching the one year mark of finishing my last harsh chemo treatment, perhaps I only have one more year of this.

Chemo does cause short term, long term and permanent brain damage. Lately my short term has been quite bad; I've even forgotten appointments, which isn't like me. I can't commit to things because I don't know that I'll even remember doing it. Others have had to take over some of the getting the girls to and from school on time, mostly Chris, because I lose track of time and forget.

So my Mom did a little reasearch and found out that "ginkgo biloba" is helpful with memory loss and has success with chemo brain. So she bought me some and gave it to me at their house on Thanksgiving.

But of course I forgot it there!:) Of course expecting me to remember much of anything lately is interesting.

So if you have called and I haven't called you back, I probably forgot that you even called. Don't take it personally:)

Apparently this is all still considered normal.

Redefining Normal,

Feather (At least I'll always remember my one ever forgets it!)


btk said...

And hey, if you forget your name you can always wear a post-it! ;)

Karen said...

I'd like to believe for you that it's Chemo brain but never having Chemo myself I'd have to say you're more "normal" than you think. I forget things about as fast as I input them. If the Gingko works let us know I might try it myself. Good luck.