Friday, October 10, 2008


By nature, with some nuturing involved, I'm a grateful person; but lately I've had to make much more of an effort at it. This especially feels poinient now heading into Thanksgiving weekend (Canada) So I started a "healthy" habit two weeks ago, when I started a "Gratitude Journal". It's quick and can be easy; harder some days. I have my own rules you could adopt, or you could try your own, or you can say, no-thank-you to the whole idea (but I thought that might be harder for you since it's thanksgiving weekend and all:)
So this is it, every day, usually at night, somtimes throughout the day I have to write a minimum of 5 things I'm grateful for ( at least one has to be about my husband (grateful remember:) Then I finish with making 3 "wishes" for the next day. Three things that you want to happen and very likely are going to happen.
My extra personal rule, is that my husband is free to read my "gratitude journal" at anytime. (This would be up to you)

So for example today:( My journal entry October 10th)

- We had a wonderful family breakfast with Chris's Mom before saying our good-byes
- We got some great pictures of the visit time with Grandma Janz(Beth)
- I got to go for a tan
- Therapy with Lois was productive
- the nurse got my IV in, on her first try:)
- Chris made me a cup of tea when I got home, while I was relaxing in the bath
-Jessyca (the wonder babysitter cared well for the girls as always)
- I enjoyed reading the girls to sleep by 7:15

3 "Wishes" for tomorrow:
- Chris has a safe drive to Penticton for a weekend gig.
- I manage okay with chris gone.
- The weather is nice so I can enjoy lots of outdoor play with the girls.

* Just something I'm Thankful for, that I'd thought I'd share with you this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!!

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Marni said...

i've been working on a blog- thanksgiving project along those same lines and it has really been an eye opener for me - how many blessings we can be grateful for-
you have been a blessing to me too feather in sharing on this blog-journal what your journey has been like. i have been regularly sending up prayers for you as i read.
blessings on you (and many more!)
Love, Marni