Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My new friend's "birds-eye-view" of the Run for the Cure...

I've made a new friend, Jillian, just in the last couple of weeks. I met her on facebook, she knew Chris through her siblings from MEI school days. I met her in person the first time when she came to our benefit concert. Then she came out to support me with the run for the Cure. She wrote me a very nice email about her experience with us at the event. I'd like to share it with you:

Yesterday was a special day for me. I wasn't going to miss it, no matter what got in the way.

I arrived at Rotary around 845am and didn't know what to do. I didn't know anyone and I couldn't find the sign you described in your blog so I sat beside a pillar and waited. It was raining so hard and everyone was trying to make the best of it. Not too much later, a mom and her daughter arrived with the famous signs you described on your blog. I was so happy to see those signs because that meant it was really happening. Your friend and her daughter put so much into making those signs. (they even put plastic over to protect from the rain). Then I saw you with Chris and your two girls (there were others with you as well). You both had your arms full of bags, papers, blankets and were pulling the little 'tent' with your girls inside. You arrived and set out blankets for us to sit on so we wouldn't get cold or wet from the rain.
You never asked to be put in the situation you are in. You never asked to have cancer or gain weight from all the different treatments/medications. You also never asked for your beautiful, long hair to fall out. Yes, you have cancer, but Feather, you have inspired me so much (my eyes are filling up with tears as I write this). I made two changes in my life last night when I was in Abbotsford and its because of you and what you have shown me the few weeks I've known you. Feather, thank you for being who you are and showing me there is so much more to life than trying to have all the latest clothes, cars...material things, you know what I mean.
I was very impressed because you did just have your seventh chemo two days prior. You have such amazing energy. You didn't stop moving around and going from one event/booth to another. Its was too bad Chris had to leave before the run even started, but it was nice to see him supporting you. (he even wore a pink bandana!) When I was at your house (later on) he told me his computer just crashed and he was trying to fix it before he had to go out. I wouldn't have known if he hadn't said something. He looked pretty calm and relaxed to me. Please thank him again for the cd and shirt - I haven't stopped listening to the CD.

Last comment - your mom. When she first arrived, she happened to be standing in front of me and I thought she was a friend supporting you. Nope, she introduced herself as your mom and I couldn't believe it. She was there supporting you and cheering for you. I'm sure your mom has been through many tough times along your journey, but when I saw her I was touched again. She was there with her 'fly' hat and 'birds of a feather fighting together' shirt on. I'm so glad I could meet her and get to know her.
Moms are the best, in every way!

Feather, I know you have so much on your plate, but thank you. Your facebook and email accounts are always open to anyone -even the door to your house. You don't turn anyone away and always find time for people like myself who just met you and want to get to know you even more.

All the best as you recover and rest this week. I know (if not already) you'll be on your feet organizing the next event trying to raise money for breast cancer as soon as you can.

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Anonymous said...

It is so true. You are an amazing person that through all that life is putting you through, you are strong and pushing forward. I need to remember that my circumstances are not so bad and to not complain. Keep being positive you are an inspiration to all who know you.
Miss you, praying for you.