Thursday, October 25, 2007

Suffering from uninspired chemo-brain!

I sat down to write on my blog, hoping something thought provoking and inspired would come to me. But alas...nothing. As my final chemo causes it's last amount of brain damage, brain cells not multiplying and dying because of the chemo drugs, I have nothing to write, offer or give. Even these few sentences have taken me several minutes to compile and I've had to correct about 8 words already. Sorry if I missed any:)It's a beautiful Fall day outside, Lizzy has taken the girls off for a walk and to the park, Chris is on an airplane to Calgary and I hardly have the energy to write even this. I'm glad at least that the lives of those I love, continues on around me. I'm happy that my cancer doesn't get to stop everything, just the cellular development in my body right now (including those dang cancer cells:)
Chris is going to the CGMA's (Canadian Gospel Music Awards) He'll be doing some workshops, presenting awards and hopfully winning for Producer of the Year, which he's nomoinated for the second year in a row! He'll also perform live on a local radio station, 3 of his new songs. Pray that he makes lots of new contacts and possible producing gigs that he can do in our new home studio in the new year!
I'm going to go eat something and rest my body, that's my job right now, and I'm doing it well:)!!

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