Friday, October 19, 2007

Who's the idiot...oh it's my husband:)

We were in Vancouver for my final chemo and it good Vancouver, West Coast, fashion it was pouring rain! So we stopped at a store where Chris could run in and get an umbrella. While I was waiting for him to return I noticed a guy walking through the down pour holding a closed umbrella. I thought, what an idiot, why doesn't he open his umbrella and use it!! Then I realized the "idiot" was my dear husband!! When he got in the car soaked, twice as wet as he should have been, we had a good laugh. As he too thought to himself half way to the car, I'm an idiot why don't I have my umbrella open?!? We laughed until our faces hurt, so we didn't care how wet and dismal it was outside:)

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Chandra said...

Never hurts for a good laugh:)