Monday, October 1, 2007

Thank-you abc!

I stopped by my "work" place, abc restaurant yesterday. I had to fight back my tears, from the moment I walked in. All of the staff were wearing my pink "birds of a feather fighting together" T-shirts. I was so overwhelmed by their display of support. I felt such moral support and appreciation. Not to mention that they all look great in pink! They are some hot ladies working there! I snapped a couple photos of them and went on my way before I burst into tears. They will be wearing the shirts for the month of October, for breast cancer awareness month. The shirts are for sale at abc in Abbotsford and the proceeds go to support my family. My boss at abc, Terry and Blanche Dawes, are covering half the cost of the T-shirts and the staff are covering the other half. It’s a fundraiser for my family but also a wonderful show of support for me, what a moral booster!
I know that many of the staff have had breast cancer touch their lives through a mother, sister, Grandmother or friend. So they are doing it for their loved ones as well. Breast cancer strikes 1 in 8 women and I hope and pray that it’ll never affect the lives of any of my co-workers. Even though I’m not working there right now, I look forward to returning. Sometimes it’s difficult visiting the restaurant because I’m so looking forward to when I can return. Unfortunately the Doctor says it could be as much as a year before I can work again. I long for the time to work with my friends again. I miss them so much!
Thank you my dear friends at abc!!

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