Sunday, March 22, 2009

Live and love long!!

In the media today it was published, the passing of an infamous british woman, Jade Goody. I have only started to follow her story lately, though she stumbled upon celebrity about 7 years ago. Fame became her as she sought it out and used it to her advantage. Often critisized and notorious for putting her feet in her mouth, feet often covered with sh@#&%#$?%*, she made a name for her self, mothered two boys and became a household name in the UK all before the age of 25.

Then the news came that she had cancer only 7 months ago. She was shocked, saddened and dismayed as she had had many tests over the pervious 6 years that all ruled out cancer. Now she was being told that not only did she have cervical cancer it had spread, was stage 4 and she was dying. 27 years old, a young mother and planning to marry her life love, and not much time left.

This story of course devastates my heart I do not know her but it still hits so close to home and my heart. Today of all days being Mothers Day in the UK, she passed away in the night before her boys could even wish her Happy Mothers Day. Just last week she took a very powerful step as a mother and had herself and her sons baptized together. All mothers make many mistakes in raising their children and thankfully we also make many great decisions like this mother showed the world. In her dying days she gave her boys a life long gift.

Even though she has said and done many things publically that many have found appaulling and disgraceful, have we not all done similarily behind closed doors if we are truely honest with ourselves. I am sure glad that my apaulling and distasteful behaviours have not been caught on reality tv and put out for the whole world to judge.I have been upset in the past for just being misquoted in the press!!

This young womans life ends like so many before her, to soon, to young and so tradgic. Though the beauty of it all, and she was beautiful, is that she was created in Gods perfect image, she sinned and found forgivness, she was hated and loved, she adored and admired, she surrended and suffered.Now she is gone, she will be remembered, and she serves as a reminder of how percious life is. How much we are loved and how much love we have to give.

Go on, giving and receiving love as long and as often as you can!!

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Marni said...

this is a great message to all of us! thanks for sharing your heart.