Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking up !

The worst of the infection certianly seems to have passed.Things are looking up. My immediate concerns have been the state of my veins, which have been damaged from cancer treatment. They veins keep collapsing after awhile and those are the good ones they can even start. I had 21 needle pokes in my arms in two days. Not exactly fun. I'm quickly running out of usable veins. They wanted to put in a pick line but after evaluation they feel I am to high risk for that particular procedure, I don't exactly know why, but I am no a medical professsional.
If one more vein collapses I will be forced to take oral antibiodics, which are not as effective and are very hard on the stomach. I have a weak and sensitive stomach as it is, bleeding stomach ulcer issues etc, so I am concerned about the oral antibiodics. I am praying that the vein that is working now will keep working.
I will probably be here for a few more days still. Even with the improvement I would love to feel much better.

Looking up,


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