Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back to "normal" life?!?!

It feels so good to be preparing to go back to work tonight.I've been off since March 1st on sick leave, and the last two weeks I've felt so much better, I almost feel as good as new. Since I thank God that "I'll never be the same again", then I'm not returning to normal, but that's okay, I figure this is better.
I'll be working 2 shifts a week to start, the extra money, social life, excercise and getting out will be good for me.I've been able to exercise regularily for three weeks, the first time in over 2 years that my body has allowed me the opporunity to set new challenges physically and actually meet them.
With the much better weather I've been able to get out on walks, by myself but mostly with the girls. Pushing them in the large bike stroller adds an extra work out effort. I've been at Curves gym 3-4 times an week and using my Tony Little Gazelle (it actually works) the best part is seeing Chris on it, he looks MUCH better than Tony Little and he's back to the weight he was when we got married!!I've got a long way to go before I ever get there! MY goals are much more realistic after 2 kids (C-sections) and a full cancer run. The steriods toped up where the pregnancies left off:)
All is well, we are more than ready for an unadventful time; the more boring the better really. WE are happy to be dull for awhile, with nothing to report:)
A lazy, easy going summer with no real plans sounds good to me (except for surgery in July of course, which will hopfully be plain and simple:)
Happy summer everyone!!


Flo said...

This is good to read and will pray for "uneventful" for you.

Michelle said...

Don't worry about the weight Feather - the important part is being healthy. I was at my thinnest after vomiting for 8 months - skinny as heck, but at my sickest as well. I was just complaining the other day that I've gained 10 pounds, but I'm not in bed anymore, sick as a dog (and I see the hair is starting to grow back!), so I really can't complain about the weight.