Monday, September 24, 2007

Four years old again...

My four year old daughter, Carmelle, is watching the movie Bambi on DVD. Bambi was the first movie I saw in the theatre, and I was her age. I remember very clearly that, 31 years ago, I was sad, shocked and devastated by the death of Bambi's mother. I wondered if I should let Carmelle watch it. Would it make her to sad? Would it make her ask questions about what she would do if I died? Would I be ready to answer such questions? Would I want to? I decided that perhaps she should watch it. So I watched much of it with her. Now at 35, I still cried when Bambi's mother died, but I realized so much more. I saw friends and family gather around Bambi, and that his life continued on very well. He had the support of family, friends and community and his father.He grew up to reach his full potential, even with out his mother to raise him. He learnt how to enjoy life, to overcome obstacles, to love and be loved and to become a true leader. As I wipe away my tears, after seeing this Disney Classic, I rested in knowing that all is well with my soul. I wonder if Mr. Disney himself realized how far reaching this deer's tale could be; that it could touch the soul of this mother.

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