Monday, September 17, 2007

Stumbling and fumbling along.

I find myself stumbling and fumbling along with physical weakness, and it builds up frustration in me. I cry out inside,"I'm not weak, I'm strong!", as my legs almost give out beneath me. Do I cave into the weakness or do I fight through it? I do neither, instead I pause for a moment, regain my strength and carry on. I do this several times a day, but as the days past chemo grow greater, the times I pause lessen. And then I start all over again. Only two more to go, then the end will be closer in sight.
From the book Blindsided:
"I must rise above the culture of perfection and remember that I can be even if I can no longer do. I am learning to acknowledge weakness, accept assistance, and discover new forms of self-definition."
"I cannot allow myself to be held captive by old dreams"
"Dealing with challenges to health is a great ally in nurturing changes in priority."


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busylizzy said...

I would love to show up one m orning to do fall clean up in your garden. My hobby is gardening so I would consider it a pleasure. Would you mind....I have the first 3 days of any week avaible.