Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Janz Family Benefit Concert ( warning, this a long one:)!)

Many people have contacted me wondering how the benefit concert went. I had not written yet because it took awhile to reconcile all of the numbers. But now everything has been counted and balanced. I’m happy to report that we met the goal we set, which was to raise $10,000 for our family. Not all the money was raised the night of the concert, we had some very generous donaters come forward before the event. In fact we had $6050.00 come in before the night even started! The most exciting part of that is that most it came from only 2 sources. A dear friend from back to my night school days, Jill and her Husband Scott donated $1,000! They felt that God laid it on their hearts to help in this way and we are so grateful for their act of obedience. Then we had our socks blown off when two sisters contacted us and wanted to financially bless us. They had heard me speak 5 years ago when one of them was going through her own battle with breast cancer. They also have been very encouraged and uplifted by Chris’s song “Found myself in you”, played daily on Praise 106.5fm. As a result, when they heard about our needs, they stepped up in a big way. When we received their email, we wept. It was the end of a very difficult week for us, with Chris being turned away at the border and losing out on $3,000 very needed income. I had peace that some how God would provide, but I just didn’t know how. These women were going to come to our fundraiser, but they felt we needed the money sooner. So they showed up to hear Chris sing at Northview Church’s HomeComing, and at the end of Chris’s set they came up to me and handed us a cheque for $5,000!! I cried, my Mom cried, Chris composed himself and there were lots of hugs. It was so great to meet Charlene and Jeanine, they were an answer to prayer, especially since our mortgage was due the next day and we were over drawn almost $2,000 in our account. This amount covered it all and then some. We got to do a big grocery shopping trip at Costco and stocked up on a lot of groceries that will last us a long while. What a relief it is to me and my family to not be caring around a financial burden. Financial stress is never easy, but especially not when you are faced in a health crisis at the same time.
Though the Benefit concert was a huge success in so many ways, it ended up that we didn’t sell enough tickets to cover the cost of the night. We were close but a few more people coming out sure would have helped. We were a little disappointed that, many people who said they would come and pay at the door, didn’t make it out. Having said that, we were so happy to see and visit with all the people there. We felt so loved, supported and bless. Those that came were blown away by the show. They were so impressed with Kelsey, Colin and Chris’s performances. They rocked and gave the best performances of their careers, as far as I’m concerned If you didn’t make it you sure missed out, to bad. Maybe next year? We are thinking of doing something very similar in a year, and hopefully it won’t be because we need the money. Lord willing I will be well on the mend and back at work. What I want is to raise some money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and also find a much needing family, who is our similar situation, that we can help out. So think about it now and we’ll keep you posted.
Thankfully for us, there were many donations that came the night of the concert that covered the costs and then so much more. We had one cheque come in the night for $1,000, friends that have already been so generous with us. Also another for $600 from someone who couldn’t make it to the concert but wanted to give, he was my summer camp director through out my childhood at Camp Squeah. We also had a couple donations for $500 each, one from someone I’ve only kind of met. We were overwhelmed with people’s generosity and felt very blessed. We couldn’t believe how many people donated time, energy, resources and supplies to make the night such and success and such a professional show.

Thank-you’s go out to:

Firstly we must thank MICHEAL WIPF/ Five Foot Six Productions for doing all the leg work, organizing etc for us. He pulled off a fantastic and professional event. And made my vision of the night come true and went above and beyond!! The final touch was him presenting me with a tear jerking painting of me and my girls, if you haven’t see the photo of them painting my head it was taken from that portrait. The painting now hangs by my bed and was crafted by BECCA GIBBONS. I must share with you an email I received by this gifted artist. It has given me a beautiful reflection on my life that I hold dear to my heart and always will. I must share part of it with you.

Dear Feather,

Although I have never met you, I must admit that having spent the last week or so staring into your face as I painted has been an incredibly profound and impacting experience for me. You have changed me. When Mike commissioned me to do this piece he just briefly explained to me what the concert was about and why he wanted this piece done. It seemed fairly straight forward and so I went to work on it. Suddenly, however, your name and face started popping up in the newspaper and from people, who knew nothing about my painting, mentioning you. I began to look more into your story and learn more about you and this project became so deeply meaningful to me that every time I would work on it I would cry. I too, am a mother of two children with a musician husband and although the daily hardships that you conquer are much more substantial then I could ever comprehend I really found myself relating to you. What I appreciate about what I have read about you is that you are a person who is inhaling life with every breath. What I have learned from you is to embrace moments, welcome life experiences, accept challenges as opportunities to grow, savour the gift of everyday, allow yourself to honestly admit what sucks, cherish those you love and to not lose your identity under the guise of a physical aliment. I have been trying to apply these things to my own life as I choose to laugh off situations with my kids which I would normally find frustrating or as I very intentionally love on my husband a little longer when he goes out the door. You have given me a gift without doing anything more then just being a truly remarkable person. Thank you.
Both my daughter, Bella (3), and I are sad that this painting is over. She likes to sit next to me and pretend to paint and she wants me to shave off my hair so that she can paint on my head just like the girls in the picture. I am sad because although I am pleased with the final painting, it didn't nearly reflect as much radiance that you and your girls actually emitted... I suppose that's the difference having me as the artist as apposed to God as the artist :)
All of that being said, please know that you and your family are in our prayers.

With much gratitude,

Additional Thanks to:

Marika- Intermission entertainment
Western Rubber Group- Mike Roberge and Mike McIntosh
Sapphire Sound- Harold Weins
Mt. Lehman Liquor Store and Lounge- Mr. Paul Esposito Sr. and Sons Frank and Paul Jr.
Perfect Tan- Lisa and Merv Byers
abc Restaurant/ Abbotsford- Terry and Blanche Dawes
Kamda Chiropractic- Tony Hiebert
Best Western Hotel/ Abbotsford- Mebs Tejpar
Jacquie Claggett Mortgage Broker
Rustic Soap Co.- Tonya and Sheldon Walsh
Nu-Tea Imports- Liz Bandelin
Rocky MT. Landscaping- Menno and Karla Koehoorn
Jeannine Boyd and Charlene Notman
Arbonne International- Lizzy Janz Vanderzwan
Charlene Groome
Suzanne Smith
Erin Mussolum
Mint Creative
Zaac Pick
Marika Siebert

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who helped out I hope I don't miss anyone:
Sherly Galpin, Lizzy Jane and her daughter Leah Vanderzwan, Caroline Byers,Cindy Best, Tracey and Jeremy Janz, Forrest and Amanda Wagner.
Special Thanks to the sound tech and lighting crew that gave of their time and talents. Thanks to Henry Wendt for staying to the bitter end to help me pack up. We all had to be out of there by midnight of we had to pay more. So because all the otehr guys were so busy getting all the gear out, I was worried but Henry came to my rescue:)
If I'm forgetting anyone I'm so sorry, just know that we know and we couldn't have done it with out you. God Bless you!! To be honest there were pople there helping that I'd never met before and didn't even recognize, what a blessing for you all!!

Media Partners:

98.3 fm STAR

Thank-you all for a night we’ll never forget.

We got fabulous pictures from the night and got it on video. I can’t wait to watch it with my girls and be able to send copies to Chris’s parent’s and sister. Chris is working on his live recording and planning to turn it into a live cd for release, with 5 new songs never before released. We hope and pray this could be another source of income for our family in the new year.

The money raised at the concert will help to get us through Christmas.
Other great news we got this week is that I got approved for CPP long term disability pension. This will pay me $1021.00 each month until I can work again. It’s only a third of what I use to earn, but it was more than we thought we could get, if any, so we are grateful!
I had my 7th chemo yesterday.( so is anything I am writing now doesn’t make much sense, it’s the chemo brain, though I’m proof reading the best I can) It takes about 24 hours for the chemo to really metabolize in the body, so I’m just now starting to really feel the effects set in. Once I’m finished writing this I’ll probably sleep until I have to wake up for the CIBC Run for the Cure tomorrow morning. If you can make it out please come!! The opening ceremonies start at 9am. Look for the sign in the stands “Feather’s Flock”, many will be wearing my “Birds of a Feather fighting together” shirts, which can be purchased at the abc restaurant at Clearbrook and Marshall Rd, in Abbotsford.
To date I have raised $4,925 for the Run for the Cure, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. My first goal was to reach $5,000, I’m so Close!!! Only $75 away. My goal I set before I even knew I had cacner again, was $12,000, to mark 12 years of being cancer free. My ultimate goal is to be the top fundraiser for all of Abbotsford! If you’d like to help me reach any of these 3 goals, donations have to be in less than 24 hours. I believe it’s possible! Anything is possible in my world If you’d like to bring a donation by our house or to the run with you tomorrow morning, or donate on-line at: Click DONATE/ to a PARTICPIPANT/FEATHER JANZ/ run site: ABBOTSFORD
I’d be greatly touched by your support for myself, my family and for the support of breast cancer research, treatment and awareness. Tax receipts will be issued by the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation for the 2007 tax year and will arrive in the mail to you early next year.

Only one more chemo to go, after I recover from this one. I’m planning a kick-off to my chemo treatment the night before my last one on Thursday Sept 18th in Vancouver. It will be a celebration, with dinner, dancing, drinks and maybe even Kareoke!! If you are interested in joining us, let me know and I’ll fill you in on the details. I’m also planning a Halloween/End of chemo/ dress-up party at the end of my treatment, Probably a couple nights before Halloween. It’s a dress-up theme party that you’ll be expected to dress-up like something related to the medical system, cancer, breast cancer etc. Be creative, scrubs are fine, but I’d love to see some one come dress-up up like fake boobs I have a plan for my costume, it’ll be fun. Then when Radiation is done, it’ll be the New year and my 36th birthday. There, will need to be a big birthday party, no pressure The worst will be behind me at that point and the only 9 more months of Herceptin treatment ahead of me after that. ( which they tell me shouldn’t be to hard on me)
I want to have these things to look forward to, it’s very good for my coping and state of mind.
We also really hope to afford a family vacation next spring. We are thinking of doing around the girls birthdays and when I’m feeling up to it. It’ll also be our 10th wedding anniversary. I’ll be feeling much better and need a relaxing get away with my loved ones

Sorry for writing so much! There’s not much else I can handle doing physically right now.

Bed Bound by Believing in boundless Blessings,


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