Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It came up and then flew out...yuck!

Just when I started feeling a bit better and was able to go home for some visits, I got hit with a nasty stomach "bug". Easter Sunday night for about 8 hours I experienced violent vomitting, horrible gut wrenching pain.(and NO I didn't have too much chocolate:) I was left exhausted and slept most of Monday.

I am feeling much better today, though tired and weak, as I have been for some time.
I was hoping to come home from the hospital for good tomorrow, but it maybe a few more days now. I allow my Dr's make those decisions. I believe they are doing what they feel is best for me. I'm having to trust their decisions, though it is hard sometimes.When I feel so unwell most of the time, I know I am where I should be.

I meet with the surgeon tomorrow to decide when it's best for me to get surgery, I will post when that will be as soon as possible.

Chris leaves tomorrow for a 13 day tour, playing drums for an artist named Janelle. He flys to Edmonton and leave on the tour bus heading for the US. It will be tricky having him gone and me probably needing the surgery while he's away. I'll try not to worry about it now and take one day at a time.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your families for Easter!

God Bless,



Michelle said...

Feather - I know what it's like to have a husband traveling while you're sick (and have tiny children to look after). Those were some of the hardest days ever! I wish I was closer to you - I'd be happy to lend a hand with everything. I'm praying for you - that you'll feel better soon, that you'll have the help you need with the girls, and that Chris has a safe and successful tour. Sometimes I'm not sure if it was harder on me, or my poor husband, who had to leave me behind for work. I think it's harder to watch a person you love suffer than to actually suffer yourself. God Bless

Flo said...

Praying for you Feather and admire your strength, physically, emotionally and spiritually.