Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22nd, 2010

Happy 5th b-day to my baby girl, Cadence!!

Happy EARTH day to everyone else:) BE kind to this planet in a new way today. I did my part; I gave the world Cadence 5 years ago:) lol oh and I've switched to all enviro- friendly home cleaning products, one more step...what step will you take? And then another...

Also today I can finally breath properly!! I had the stints removed from my nose this afternoon; from septum reconstruction and sinus surgery last week. I've never known how easy it feels to breath through your nose! WOW, what a difference, it was certainly worth the pain and discomfort. I'm curious if I'll also taste my food like never before?!!? hmmmm...what to try first?!?

My daughter, Carmelle was very happy to tell me that she took good care of her planet earth today, by picking up garbage:)Our planet earth, what a special gift:)

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