Sunday, April 25, 2010

Like a breathe of fresh air...

I can hear the words of my "un-real" Dad (step-Dad) as I go to write this blog; "Don't count your chickens before they are hatched!" I'm referring to the fact that I, Feather, am feeling so much better in the last two and half days!!:)The concern I suppose is that I may "jinx" it and end up under the weather again very soon. My specialist told me that it would take 6-8 for my lungs to calm down after my terrible run of asthma attacks; it appears she was right, that's why she gets paid the big bucks, it was exactly 6 weeks to the day when I realize now, I started to feel better. I'm sure that it also had something to do with the fact the I had the surgical stints removed from my nose that day, and those suckers were big, yikes!

Now, instead of blogging, I should be searching my house, van and all the unlikely places in my home for where my Symbicort inhaler could be. This medication is what has basically enabled my lungs to return to "normal". This is a medication I will have to use a few times a day for the rest of my life, it works, but unfortunately costs just over $100 a month; With it my chances of having a relatively normal breathing life are quite good (thus the reason it is important for me to stop blogging soon and find it). I couldn't find it yesterday but thankfully I still had one liquid steroid pulmicort I could use in my nebulizer yesterday.

And yesterday, what a day that was. I attended and spoke at the annual Breast Cancer Awareness breakfast and got home just in time to run around putting the finishing touches on the girls big birthday bash. Every year I do one party for the girls, because their birthdays are so close together. This way we can afford a few extras we couldn't afford to do twice. So this year's theme was Mickey Mouse and friends. I'd collected Mickey stuff from dollar stores for almost a year, which made the grand adventure more affordable. Chris's Mom made the two large chocolate cakes earlier in the week when they were here for a visit from England, and Chris made icing from scratch (got the great baking skills from his Mom) and then constructed and Mickey shaped head and a Mickey and friends "castle". The girls helped him decorate with many sprinkles and placed the Mickey and friends figurines I'd collected (washed with bleach, dried and then put on the cake; and yes I am allergic to bleach now so someone else washed them when I wasn't home:)

Needless to say it was a chaotic, organized mess of FUN!! The party started with Mickey themed crafts, gift opening (the girls got many wonderful gifts, everyone was so generous:) then we played "pass the present' which the kids loved took, lots of time and they all got a small gift to take home. Then came the Mickey head Pinata!!
I'm always confused that we design the party around their favorite character and then proceed to bash the stuffing out of his pinata form; and not only that, take great delight in seeing this beloved be demolished?!? Somehow it's the perfect ending to a perfect party. The kids all took home loot bags full of Mickey themed "stuff" and it appears it was a huge success! The best part for me was that this year I could fully participate; in the last few birthday parties I've been to sick on the day to play ( but I plan and prep way ahead and always requested help:)
Carmelle said her favourite part of the whole party was greeting her friends at the door when they arrived, awhhh, love it; those are the phrases that reassure you that you must be doing something right.

Friday, the day before, I also had a speaking engagement. Though I felt rather "rusty" it went well, especially since I had to start speaking at 7:30am in Chilliwack, and I am not a morning person. I spent basically the rest of friday preparing for the girls birthday party, on their pro-dev day, with the help of Shelby, our handy-dandy babysitter:)

Thursday was interesting...Especially the part when the DR. pulled out very long stints from my nose; I had no idea how high the sinuses actually go up in your head.As the second one came out and I took my first breath with my newly reconstructed septum, I felt light headed from the flood of oxygen. WOW, what a feeling! I had no idea how efficient the nose actually was until that very moment. I can now breath through my nose with ease, I honestly think I can smell better and taste more. The surgery was worth it; the pain, discomfort, blood etc was all worth the new knowledge of how to breath. "Just breath" has a whole new meaning to me now.

The Doc, Dr. LEE, a gorgeous young asian woman; who happens to have my middle name as her last name:) told me that she could tell in surgery that my septum had been that way since birth, so I had literally never known how to really breath, I had no idea what I was missing! We discussed my tonsils being removed, which was next on my "surgical repair" list (a little different than the "repair" list if Heide Montag-Spencer:) Dr. Lee initially suggested I reconsider having my tonsils out, since I respond to anesthetic with so much vomiting (she had not seen my tonsils previously as she'd been on maternity leave when I'd been there for the pre-op appointment a few months ago) So then she saw my tonsils for the first time, she almost gasped when she saw how bad they were (huge, deep pockets on both sides; and I won't go into detail for he sake of those with weak stomachs) She couldn't believe I'd not had them out sooner. I'd thought about it in my mid-20's but traveling always got in the way, then my ENT (Ear. nose and throat doc) at the time thought he could fix the issue by cotorizing them every 3-4 months, we did that for 4 years before he realized it wasn't working; that was like torture and took at least a week to heal every time:( By then we'd been thinking of starting a family, so that crossed tonsil surgery off the list for a few years...then I finally had surgery booked 3 years ago; the very day I found out I had breast cancer. So cancer treatment and recovery trumped tonsil removal until now. But by now my sinuses had gotten so bad, from allergies, they had to do my nose first so I can breath through my nose when my throat is so swollen from tonsil removal. So in a few months I'll be bed ridden for 2 weeks with that surgery.

But until then, the plan is to return to work part-time in a week and slowly work back up to full-time eventually By summer the allergy season lessens, the sun is hot and my favourite season has arrived. No more vitamin D pills, I can just step out side for it and with that life will return to "normal"...what ever that is?!?!

Still Searching for my inhaler, but breathing so much better,


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