Sunday, April 4, 2010

HELP, please:)

We are in need of help with childcare the next couple of weeks. Anyone available to help? We'd appreciate any help we can get. I'm in recovery mode,after the rough three weeks of health issues that continued to escalate, making last week the hardest yet.

I'm dealing with some unforeseen complications with my ovarian cyst bursting, that we didn't for see. We are praying now that I don't get worse in the next few days, or that will land me back in the hospital. I need healing mode, I need to be to be read and capable for my surgery. I have surgery on the 15th,having my nose/sinuses repaired, at which time I'll need full-time help for a week.

Chris is wokring even more because I'm unable to work and our income has taken a beating again. We need Help with the girls and the house/yard.

I also need a ride to my surgery on the 15th to UBC; ( I won't know the exact time until the day before:( and I'll also need a ride home several hours later after recovery. HELP pls:) anyone?!?!?

We appreiciate all help and we have learnt when to we are asking:)

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