Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you Help with childcare?

Over the next few days Chris and I need a little extra support with childcare. I've not been getting the rest I need post-op, from having my portacath removed last friday. As of today I've been put on antibiodics because I'm not healing properly. Chris is being "super" Dad and husband and is burning himself out. He needs a couple more long, uninterrupted sleeps so he can recover from his cold and "travel" lag from 20 days on the road. It's been hard to keep the girls on routine with Daddy home, they are just so excited! Three days in, we are all crashing from the "high" of having Chris home again:) If you are able to help us out this is when we could use help, tomorrow:
Wed am 8-11:30am
Wed pm 3-9pm
Thursday all day and night 8am-8pm
Friday 8am- 11:30am
Saturday 3pm-9pm
Sunday 2pm-9pm

We don't need help every minute of all those times, but a little here and there would certainly help. Hope to hear from you.(Payment is availabe)

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