Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sickness, SICK!

I suppose there is never a good time to feel unwell or under the weather. For us right now it is a terribly bad time for Chris and both, because we are both feeling gross. But I get to be home resting with help and really good anti-nausea drugs. Chris is on the road, driving, working and drumming shows each night, while puking, not able to eat and getting dehydrated. The cold and flu symptoms include body pain and discomfort, stomach cramps and pain, headache, major nausea and head cold. Cadence also has it, but she seems to be handling it much better than either Chris or I. I was run down for obvious reasons and chris was rundown because he worked 10 days straight about 18 hours a day, or more, before he left on the tour. We knew he already wasn't doing so great before he left, and then he got worse. Now he's so bad, he's worried that they may have to bring in a replacement drummer and send him home. We don't want this. Chris has been so looking forward to working, performing and hanging out with the guys of Starfield, and to be involved in such a great ministry opportunity. Not to mention we also really need the income that this two and a half weeks of work would bring into our home.
The last week has been very hard on us financially. I've needed more help with childcare with Chris gone and my not feeling well. Plus BOTH our vehicles broke down and have run us up a bill of $2,400! SICK!!
Now that our vehicles are running better, we hope we will as well.
We ask for your prayers as we move forward in so many ways, and face discouragment as it seems we have to take a few steps back first.

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