Saturday, September 20, 2008

Please pray for Chris's safe drive home!!!

Chris left right after the concert in Grande Praire Alberta last night. He wanted to drive straight home, to be with us as soon as possible. He would have left about 11pm last night, and i haen't heard from him since, it's now 9:15 am Saturday morning. I was sure he'd call by now and I'm getting very worried about his safety. Please pray for his safety on this drive home. He told me it was a 12 hour drive, but from what I can tell on the map it's about 17 hours.Perhaps he's where there is no cell service, but for almost 2 hours? Perhaps his cell died, but I'm pretty sure he has a charger and he usually would have thought to call on a pay phone by now. I 've left about 6 messages, and slept with the phone by my bed
I'm particuallarly emotional because I had sugery yesterday afternoon. I had general anisthetic and had my portacath removed. So I'm medicated as well as it's very sore where they had to cut out the port as my body grew attached to it for 17 months.
Please stop and take a quick minute to pray that my husband returns home soon to us all, we've missed him ver much over the last 20 days.

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