Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank-you from Chris and myself.

Many people have asked how Chris is doing and I thank-you for your prayers, thoughts and concern. Thankfully Chris is doing better, not great, but better. He knows he will be able to complete the tour at this point which is very encouraging for everyone. His drumming is getting stronger and he's able to find some joy in the experience. Touring is hard work, with many sleepless nights driving through the night and Chris doing much of the driving. He finds that driving at least helps him take his mind off the pain, and he's able to contribute to the tour this way, when he can't physically do some of the other take down and set up of the stage.
I'm feeling better after a nasty week of cold/flu that's still lingering and after having a little medical procedure done 2 days ago. It was suppose to be done a week ago but got bumped, which was probably for the best since I got so sick this week. If it wasn't for these two ailments, I do believe that I would actually be feeling quite well.I had a day and half last week, int he last 6 weeks, that I actually felt normal and was very encouraged, before the cold symptoms kicked in:( But I was happy to know that feeling that way more consistantly, is just around the corner.
We are growing stronger every day, thank God:)

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