Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stopping Traffic

It occurred to me today, as a woman stopped to let me into a long line of traffic, that my bald head probably got noticed and she responded by letting me in. I realize that I’ve grown quite accustom to someone always letting me in; just before, it was always a man noticing my long blond locks and letting me in!
I was also paid a huge compliment today at the cancer clinic, as an elderly lady came up to me and said that she was so taken by my presence in the room that tears came to her eyes and she just wanted me to know that. She was a lovely lady, who made me feel very lovely. Just by being me, she noticed something remarkable in me and I didn’t have to do anything at all for the compliment. I thanked her and proceeded to have a very nice talk with her.
She shared with me a bit of her journey with cancer and also her heart ached attached to sharing her story. Her “closest” friend shut her out when she was diagnosed and now she’s afraid to share with others her experience. I told her of my openness with my journey over the last 12 years and how I have gained so many new and rich relationships. I shared with her that I have all but “advertised” my circumstances.
There has been some risk involved, that some may violate my “space” with their opinions. But mostly I’ve experienced nothing but respect. In fact I’ve been humbled by the respect shown by many and their willingness to give so much of themselves to myself and my family.
I have learnt in life, that trusting others with my “stuff” in turn makes me more trustworthy to them. Keeping things to myself and hiding “secrets”, doesn’t gain the trust of others or self-respect. I suppose self-respect reflects respect from others and trusting others, reflects that you are trustworthy. These things are such, the “stuff” of lif;, a life worth living. I carry them with me as I live my life.


Anonymous said...

great post , i love reading your blog :)

Carin said...

As I read your stopping traffic blog entry, specifically the part of the elderly lady noticing your “presence” in the room, I was reminded of something my pastor mentioned to me recently. He said it far more eloquently than I probably can but to encourage you and possibly explain what she saw… Brad suggested that we can become portals to heaven amidst our struggles and trials. When you enter a room you bring heaven and Jesus with you and I believe this is what the lady was responding to…even if she isn’t spiritual. When you hug someone you hug them with the arms of Jesus and although they may not recognize it as such there is no denying the feeling of love. Of course your strength, love, courage and openness is all part of the mix. Just imagine the love and hope you bring everywhere you go because you have become a doorway to heaven. A thin place so to speak.
With Love, Carin