Thursday, November 1, 2007

You know you are getting old when...

My baby brother, Daniel, is getting married! Some of you may not even know that I have a brother who is 13 years younger than me. Most of you know I have a brother named Forrest who is 4 years younger, but mostly Daniel was mistaken for being my son for much of my life.(which would have been technically impossible, just for the record:) It started when I was 16 and would sometimes drive him around in the car seat. And when I moved out on my own I started having him come for over night visits when I was ages 20-25. Still to this day I have poeple who think I was a single Mom before I got married and have a son in his 20's now. Oh well...I'm proud of him for just being Daniel and especially now as we are looking forward to him making life long vows to his love, Racheal.
We'll be travelling as a family down to Seattle for the wedding. Please pray that we don't have any trouble at the border as Chris will be flying to St. Louis as we drive home Sunday morning. He's got a work visa to join the band Starfield for their concerts there. Chris hasn't been to the border since he was denied at the beginning of Sept.
I'm just starting to feel better after my 8th and final chemo treatment. I'm still having to take some medications for aching bones, muscles and joints. I'll have to take extra anti nausea meds for the long drive to Seattle, I don't handle being the passenger at the best of times:)Also our girls have never been on such a long road trip, we hope all goes well. The Wedding is on Saturday and our little Cadence will be the flower girl:)She'll be wearing the outfit that Carmelle wore at the same age to be Auntie Kelsey's flower girl:)
We are looking forward to making lifelong family memories this weekend!
What will you do with your family this weekend, to make lifelong memories?!?

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