Monday, November 5, 2007

Transition Time

I feel a real sense of transition in my life right now. It’s a shifting of sorts, in so many ways. As I feel the peach fuzz growing on my scalp, transitioning from bald to a short hair-do. I watched my brother transition from bachelor to husband and my parent’s have their last child wed. Our home is mostly in boxes preparing to move to our new house. We are so excited about making the new house our family home and business. I’m in between chemo ending and radiation starting and defiantly feeling like I have the worst behind me. The weight is starting to come off and I’m eager to start exercising and getting back in shape. I feel like the New Year has so many new beginnings for us. The future seems to get brighter and brighter each day.
Though I do realize I miss my husband more while he’s working out of town. I think I use to be so busy working and feeling well that it was easier when he was away. Now I notice his absence so much more and his loving presence missing from the home. I also acknowledge that what doesn’t break a relationship only makes’ it stronger and we’ve defiantly experienced a stronger and deeper bond ourselves. Being together for exactly 10 years now, a whole decade, probably helps. We are looking forward to Chris returning home to us tomorrow afternoon.

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