Thursday, November 8, 2007

You know you’ve finally cut yourself some slack when….by Feather Janz

1. You see your snotty nose kid and just smile:)
2. You go to the store and pick-up a new tube of toothpaste, rather than unpack the tubes you already packed to move to the new house.
3. You just pay the $10 to buy the DVD that is a month overdue.
4. You go to the grocery store with no make-up AND don’t hide from the people you recognize.
5. You don’t bat an eye when all the well intentioned people helping with housework don’t put anything away where it actually belongs AND you just leave it where it is.
6. When the “10 second rule” becomes the, “It’s our house so it doesn’t matter how long it’s been on the floor-rule”.
7. The only clothes you have to put in the laundry are your PJ’s because you’ve worn nothing else for a few days straight.
8. You can’t remember the last time you washed your hair or shaved, oh yeah…I don’t have any hair yet!
9. When your gym pass picture was taken before you were pregnant with your last child.
10. Someone writes, “This needs to be dusted.” On your entertainment centre and you laugh because you actually think it’s funny!

Perhaps you could think of 10 ways you could cut yourself some slack today and in the future!!


running wildly said...

Love this post.
I will think on this some more today.

barbschellenberg said...

I totally hear you on that! There are days I feel so sick from chemo, that I don't even care. The looks I get at Walmart or wherever are priceless....when I go in a cap and no make up, with my sweats! LOL!!