Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All new, but not necessarily exciting.

Tomorrow, Wednesday I have a few tests and apponitments at the Cancer Clinic in Vancouver, starting very early and including AMUGGA Heart Scan. I get injected with radioactive stuff and then pictures get taken of my heart to test the muscle strength of my heart. This is being done because the next day I get my first Herceptin IV treatment (4 hours) which is notorious for weakening the heart ver time (this is the first of a year of Herceptin treatments every 3 weeks)Then on Friday I get the first of my new chemo drugs, out with the old/in with the new, I have no idea how my body will react to these drugs called Taxol. They give you a list of possible side effects but you never know until your body responds to them, what you have to really deal with. I just got sort of use to what I was dealing with and now it'll all be different. I'm not overly excited about this. I have no idea what to expect, I don't really like being back at square one.
I am looking forward to spending Wednesday and Thrusday night in Vancouver with my husband at the Best Western on English Bay. I'm hoping for great weather and a good response to the chemo drugs. The reason they have to do the drugs two days apart is because some people react very badly to the drugs. If I don't have a bad reaction, then next time I can have them on the same day over 8 hours.Lucky me!

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