Thursday, August 9, 2007

"NO Reservations"

“NO Reservations”

In life we’d like to have control of where we will be and when at all times, usually, like making reservations for our lives. As much as I have much liked my life to be that way in the past, it is seemingly less important all the time. I suppose because I have absolute faith that I’ve made the ultimate reservation in the most magnificent place, but only God knows when I get to sit at this banqueting table!
I went to see the movie “No Reservations” (quite good)(I go out to more movies lately with friends and Chris or even by myself, I find it a good form of escape and distraction, most of the time.) This movie however was less about cooking, romance and comedy than I thought, it was more about the death of a young mom who leaves her young daughter behind, and the continual symbol of the mother through the movie is a peacock feather, of course it had to be a Feather!!
Anyway, I had no make-up left by the end of the movie, but it wasn’t necessarily depressing. I felt some encouragement from the movie as everything turned okay in the end. I’ve found some peace in knowing that even if the “worst” comes, that everything will still be okay. My girls are loved, loving and love-able, they are always going to be okay!! My husband is loving, lovable and is loved by many, he’ll always be okay. And like I described in the opening paragraph, I know I’M GOING TO BE OKAY TO, today, tomorrow and forever.

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