Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wise one!

As I was trying to assemble the food processor with no luck, (the cooking and cooking related props are my husband's specialty, not mine!) I called out to Chris to help, it was like the impossible puzzle to me, he fixed the chaotic assembly job I'd tried and had it organized and put away in under a minute. I realized that not all the pieces reassembled, but some belonged in a separate container. Ahh, I said, that's why I couldn't get it all to fit together, it's not ment to, SO "I'm not as dumb as I look", I said. My very wise husband responded with, " I'm not touching that with a ten foot pool." HaHA, I realized I was still in my PJ's, bald, no make-up, a tight white beater top, no bra,port a cath showing, not yet showered and uncovered dark bags under my eyes (thanks chemo), not looking to swift am I.But my husband of 9 years knew better than to make an comments about my fairly unpresentable self. Having written that, I'm still looking this way and he just headed out, heaven forbid anyone comes to the door at this moment.Mind you if it was a door-knonker of any kind, surely I would be taken off their "visit" list for some time!! Off I go then, to make myself a wee bit more "dumb" looking for my "wise" husband when he arrives back home again!

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