Thursday, August 9, 2007

That's Love!

My husband loves to show me how much he loves me, through his cooking, his song writting, which he does really well, (he does a few other thing really well too...)
And the other night I was very upset with my chemo because it did not like the wonderful meal my husband was so lovingly preparing for me! I thought I was going to throw up just at the smell of it, I had to leave him with only a 2 and 4 year old to enjoy his masterpiece. Thankfully they loved DAddy's cooking and their special "date night" with Daddy. I left for the movie before the smell made me sick for the rest of the night.Sorry honey, it's the chemo, not me!
On chemo the simpler the meals the better, Cold meals seem to work best for me. Or at least if they are not prepared in the home, our bbq gets used alot lately. Chemo changes your tastebuds and how you smell things. Usually I stick the basics like, yogurt, fruit, toast, and carrot sticks. Nothing new or creative works for my palate right now. That saddens Chris because he loves to create new dishes and present them to me. Thankfully the song writting has been very inpired in him through all of this as well, and he's written quite a few great songs! I'd like to share the most recent lyrics of one he wrote for me.

Absolutely Beautiful

Verse 1
So you’ve come undone, This time overcome.
So you’ve been denied, this painless easy ride
But in my eyes, your

‘Cause I don’t see, the scars you bear,
To me, you’re all that grace could be
When the sun won’t shine, on your revelry,
Even when you face defeat,
You’re Absolutely Beautiful to Me

Verse 2
So your life has changed, Become this damn Crusade.
The fight has weighed you down, the fear once gone now found.
But you can use my shoulder to cry

My, Beautiful, Beautiful,
courage, courage, Shine on.
Courage, Beautiful,
Always, my sunrise, in dark times

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