Monday, August 20, 2007

Not dialing 911 Again!!

Before I continue writing I just want to state that Cadence is safe and sound and had a good night sleep in her bed last night. Unlike earlier in the day when she scared the crap out of us, especially me as I was the one who discovered she was missing! My heart sank when I realized the side-yard gate was open and that she’d obviously escaped through it. As I screamed for Cadence I yelled for Chris, in a few short minutes we knew she was no where near our house. Chris jumped in the car to check the main roads near us, we were afraid she might be in the busy street. I locked Carmelle in her room, so she wouldn’t see me panicking and so I wouldn’t have to worry about her whereabouts. I was also managing to give the 911 operator all the necessary details as I ran around the back yard, looking over fences and calling out to her. My body ached and I was concerned that I could pass out any minute! Just when I though I couldn’t take it any longer I heard the neighbour lady 2 doors down call out to me, “Feather, I’ve got Cadence here!” Chris pulled up in the car and Cadence was safe in our arms. I started to cry, that was the most scared I’d been in a long time, one of the most scary times of my life.
We figure she saw the gate open or pushed it open because she wanted to go and see the neighbours kitty Cat. She’d played with the cat there before and probably wanted to play with it again, so she knocked on their door! The neighbour saw Cadence there and realized that we didn’t know she was there. Cadence is smart and knew how to get what she wanted, I’m sure this will work out great for her later in life, but hopefully won’t see her heading out of our yard anytime soon!!

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rhea said...

Feather I know your fear and anguish at realizing you've not got your child when you thought you had! Our Gabrielle did the same thing to me one night at he shopping centre. I let go of her hand for a SECOND to put the trolley back in the queue and when I reached for her wee hand again, she was gone! My heart was in my mouth and the security guard didn't help matters either when he told me rather rudely that she hadn't gone back into the shop when in fact she had. After me running about the car park AND the shop SCREAMING for her, he finally checked the CCTV tape and found her very quickly.

You are an excellent mother. These things happen and turn out well in the end. Something to scrapbook about and laugh about in years to come when Cadance shows the same enthusiasum for something less heart stopping! Miss you terribly, Rhea